It means nothing – Chanson de Stereophonics

It means nothingStereophonics / Teenage cancer trust show, Royal Albert Hall (Londres)

It means nothing

Did we lose ourselves again ?
Do we take in what’s been said ?
Do we take the time to be
All the things we said we’d be
Bury heads in sand
But my future’s in my hands

It means nothing

You can find yourself a God
Believe in which one you want
‘Cos they love you all the same
They just go by different names
When we fly our flag today
Are you proud or just ashamed ?

It means nothing
If I haven’t got you

And the sun sets in the sky
You’re the apple of my eye
If the bomb goes off again
In my brain or on the train
I hope that I’m with you
‘Cos I wouldn’t know what to do

It means nothing
If I haven’t got you



Stereophonics, in l’album Pull the pin, 2007. Texte présent dans la pochette de l’album.
Morceau écrit dans une chambre d’hôtel en Allemagne, presque 2 ans avant la sortie de l’album.


Lien pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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